Prayer to Bless my family, especially my Mum

by J (Colindale)

I know my faith was shaky but I know that you know how much I love you Lord. I am anxious, as you called dad back so early. The questions of life are very difficult. I miss him. Please give me strength to support my family and guide us in the direction of long lasting togatherness with happiness.

Please look upon us. Please protect my kids and mum, I need them to carry on. My mum is life to family. With mum, we can create miracles even with baby’s condition. Please keep us all healthy, happy & togather. I promise, I will not be greedy. I know, you’ll bring me what is my share.

Please tell my dad, I won’t let him down, I will look after all but only with your help, Lord. Show me light & hope. I depend on you a bit and promise to follow all my duties as always. Please help.