Prayer to Bless All Aspects Of My Life

by Reena (Trinidad)

Great apostle and friend of the merciful lord Jesus Christ please give ear to my humble prayer ,as I walk this path of life I have become so helpless and confused about everything in my life.

Please listen through my heart all that that is hurting and destroying me emotionally, mentally, financially, physically and spiritually as I have no words that can really explain what i’m feeling.
Every aspect of my life is stagnant, or full of a war like drama.

I have become so weak and hopeless yet I still have faith in you through Jesus Christ that your mercies, blessing and great miracles are coming my way in your timing because your timing is perfect, I will wait for your blessings lord but please grant onto me strength and comfort.

Please guide my path to make the right choices in my life as I am confused. Please St.Jude bring speedily answers to my prayer and needs.
I am in desperate need of your help. I thank you for everything that could have been worst.

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