Prayer to believe in god

by Mbalicious (Gauteng (SA)

Dear Lord Almighty,

I come to you as a Humble Child,
You know what I seek before I say,
You what I need before I could even ask,
I ask you Dear Father to be with me in these hard times.

When all my hope, faith and strength are fading
Father lift me up. Make me see your light

Make me believe in you again dear god.

Make me strong, give me your power to survive the
Great storm, you are the only father we trust.
Father I love you, I worship you and I praise you
I know all is well in Jesus name


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  1. direct my steps

    Direct my steps,
    Oh Lord,to where,
    You want me to be.
    Please guide me
    Which road to taKe
    And please give me
    The grace to
    Withstand the
    Twist and turns
    Of liFe*

  2. He of little Faith😑

    I truly believe in God and Jesus, and they delivered me many times. Yet, I can’t do as my mother and others have told me, “Turn it over to Jesus and believe in His holy deliverance.” I continue to worry and stress. Is it my lack of faith in me, or my lack of belief in that God will deliver; eventhough, He has delivered for so many times? I am a natural worry wart, but I just need to place my faith in Jesus hands and leave it.

    Signed, he of little faith😑

  3. To the one who doesn't believe

    I used to be a person who thought God existed but didn’t love me until August 16th last year I don’t want him pray over me and it wasn’t life-changing at the time but the next morning I woke up went sat down and had a cup of coffee my mind was not racing I was not filled with guilt and shame I was filled with love and a flame inside me like just burning. If you want to see if God exists make an honest effort beg him for your help lean only on him he is real I am a True Believer

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