Prayer to begin earning for my young family

by Azriel (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Dear Lord and our saviour Jesus Christ you have been witness to my sinful ways the past two decades of being married to a faithful, honest and hardworking mother of our two young children. You know Jesus I have always wanted to succeed in my prematurely chosen field of work. You also know my saviour that my stoic wife has been my only role model and the only friend who has stood by me throughout my yearly highs and lows in life. Having found you some 5 years ago through my God fearing and Jesus loving wife again I pray for your guidance, direction and intervention my Lord Jesus Christ in giving me strength to begin to continuously earn for this loving life partner wife of mine and our two young beautiful children. Allow us to walk in your path and grant my young family abundance through me as the head and not the tail of the four lives under this small roof of ours. Amen.