Prayer to Become Pregnant

by May (Philippines)

Im requesting a prayer so i would be able to get pregnant,to give my husband a child of our own.Jesus Christ in the name of God i come to you with tears in my eyes and pain in my heart because im unable to bear a child,God you said ask and it shall be given,so today i ask that my prayers be answerd.father God no man is perfect i ask that if im being punished for my sins and thats the reason for me not being able to concieve i ask that and beg of you to forgive me my sins i have strayed away from you my God but now i have found my way back to you,i would be ever gratefull if my prayes have been answered,God i give you my mind,my body and soul i ask that you use me in anyway you see fit i ask that you give me blessing unto me my husband and my family,i pray to you to bless me with a child in Jesus name i pray….amen.

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