Prayer to become one through marriage

by Tracey (Kansas)

For Colin to open his reluctant heart and to change his attitude toward me, for Colin to desire to be with me again, to remove the obstacles keeping us apart, his new girlfriend who is in our home with him and his avoiding me. For the way to be open for us to get back together and become one through marriage. People who can influence colin to work it out with me and break up with this new girl and realize I am still the one for him, that he tried rushing our love and you cant rush love.

That God would change my attitude, and create in me the right attitude thats needed to have victory and win my hearts desire which is to be that woman who is so worthy in Colins heart and mind that he literally comes to me telling me he misses me and is sorry for everything he put me, him and my son through and that he loves us.

I know this is possible, because Colin and I have been in a similar situation in the past and we both regreted ending it and came back to eachother saying we didn’t mean any of it.

I love Colin, Im asking for a second chance please, I know the break up needed to happen for our relationship to improve and for me to do some fixing on myself. Colin is so easily influenced by others Lord, please influence him through the right people who will work on my behalf that will lead to the outcome of us getting married.

I know Colin wants the same things I do, he just doesnt want the old relationship with me and I dont either, he wants a new relationships just as i do, not with someone new, but with him and him with me. Thank you Lord, in Jesus name I pray, Amen

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