Prayer to become husband and wife

by Helen Evans (Iselin NJ)

Dear St Jude I need a miracle. Jorge has pulled away from the relationship and I don’t know why but you do.

Please remove all obsticals and open all doors that we will come back together. Renew our relationship and our love for one another. I am asking for a sign from him today that I should stay in the relationship and not end it that you are working on this miracle I am asking.

I am awaiting a call from Jorge and I hope to hear the joy in his voice that I have not heard in weeks. My heart is open my mind is alert to receive your answer.

My heart is so very sad I miss the way he used to speak to me the way he used to look at me the way he would call me and be so excited to hear my voice. That all has died and and I can’t figure it out.

You can see what went wrong kindly hear my prayer and make it right so we may become husband and wife by the end of this year.

I am ready for love and marriage and I wish this would be the man. May you grant me this miracle now and let his heart open up and come to me.

So I ask once again show me a sign from Jorge Planes today that I should stay in this relationship knowing you are working on it to grow. If I don’t hear from him today or the joy in his voice I will take that as your sign to me to move on.

I will move on but my heart will be crushed. I don’t want to shed any more tears. After dealing with the lose of family members and stage III cancer I wish you would promote me with my request to have love from this man and marriage and bring it to us now.

Thank you for hearing my prayer for a miracle.

Helen Evans NJ

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  1. Praying for you!

    Dear Lord, I pray that you will answer helen prayer. Lord you have promised us that you will give us our hearts desire. helen is hurt and needs direction, comfort her. lord Jesus don’t give that man no peace until he return in Jesus name, Amen

  2. longdistance relationship

    Dear God

    I am praying that the man I love is being healed by u emotionally physically and spirituallly of his past hurts as a child and in his past love relationships. I pray that u God are able to give him the tools he needs to make this relationship work. show him how to give love as well as receive love for he does not know how and needs to start putting into our relationship to shoe me he loves and cares for me since I have been waiting so long for this relationship to move forward and because we are apart and he travels our communication is blocked. I ask u in the name of jesus to shine the white light upon us and our relationship put the double walls of protection around us and our relationship and keep all evil away from us and our relationship. Thanku god. I pray that communication is restored between us and I am a priority in that he will show me that by communicating and sharing future plans and goals that he will actually set into motion and not procrastinate. I pray that God u give me a sign that I will absolutley understand from Ed asking me to marry him, asking for total committment talking to me telling me he wants me. I would love him to ask me to marry him since he already asked me to wait but obstacles get in his way as well as mine and our plans fall through. please remove any and all obstacles standing in mine and

    eds way wether it be finacial or anything else . Please give Eds heart a yearning to open up to me ,share things like he has with no other and in the process let him feel good so he can relieve stress and bond us closer so we can become as one. I want to become Eds wife but I also want Ed to make me a priority not thinking I will always be here. Not being selfish God but I need more that what I have had in these past fer years and I want to be treated right. Please let Ed realize he hasn’t been treating me right and he better start or he just might lose what he has. God please don’t let Ed take me for granted and if anything let his heart be touched by me and on his mind that hey I really am happy with her . Please let Ed see that you have to take care of what u have before it’s gone. I pray to be loved unconditionally and give it to him in return. I really want that for the both of us God please bless our re;ationship, let him start to come to persue me for a change for he is a good man but being alone so much has made him a little selfish and I feel I don’t want to be on the bottom of the list anymore. Please God let Ed make this move and get me a ring that will shoe me that he means buisness and he will ,move forward it would make me feel better since we are millions of miles away. May Gods will be done thanku for answering my prayers amen.




  3. i hear you.

    I am in almost the same situation…depression has changed the man I once loved and still am trying to. It is a pain I would never wish upon anyone. I truly hope he comes back into your life; I will say a prayer for you.

  4. Prayer for you

    Prayer sent your way….I understand your pain and i pray that you will be at peace with the relationship healed.

  5. I am praying for you

    I am praying for you and I hope that your miracle is granted and that he sees the love that you have for him. In Jesus name I pray amen.

  6. God is Love

    My friend…I believe if you experience God’s love in your personal prayer, that is a sign that God is there and ready to shower His blessing to you. You cannot understand the work of the Holy Spirit, but trust me that Jesus, Mary and Joseph will support you to be more Christlike. If you feel a calm that come innermost your heart i encourage you to follow your conscience so that you accept your beloved one’s weakness and limitation as a human being. Pray doesn’t mean we can achieve and get it, but it is a relationship between you and God. Remember, only you can experience who God is in your heart when you pray sincerely. Keep smiling and be happy. I will support you in my personal prayer.

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