Prayer To Bear A Child

by Cherry (Irving, Texas, USA)

Lord Jesus, hear my prayer. My daughter Mariah Killan to bear a fruit of blessings, a child that she is been longing to hold one day. A child that will complete her family. Lord, she had been praying all this 15 years. She went and seen all the doctor’s that could possible helped her. But, there is no help at all.

Lord, if you can make a miracle to Mary to bear Jesus. Much more, may you pour your hand to my daughter Mariah Killan, hold her belly, to blossom a baby, one day. Even if its just one child, that she could fulfill her womanhood, that she could give life to her marriage and be able to save it. Just one child Lord Jesus.

Pls. I beg on you, please hear our prayers. Heal her wounds that she is been carrying all these years. Lord, God you know what’s best to your children. And, I believe she will be a good mother. She have a very warm and loving heart and caring to all her nieces and nephews.

Much more, if its her own child. I pray you hear this prayers of ours Lord God, I beg on you. Please, please… Bless her, even just one child.. In Jesus name, we seek on your kind heart and powerful blessings. Amen!

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