Prayer To be with the one I Truly Love

Dear Lord, I came to your face today because i desperately need your help. My Father, I don’t have any close friend or someone in my life to share my pain inside me and even if i found someone I know for fact that they will not do anything but just laugh with me the rest of their lives because the situation that i am in seems like a delusions for most people.

Lord I am in love with this guy, more than I ever thought I would be. He doesn’t know me or know even I existed and I only know him with sight only.

I don’t even know, weather he have someone in his life or not but my guess is, he is not.

Dear lord, my intention with this guy is love not any harm and make him my man for the rest of my life in a way which glorifies you not diminish you and I promise you my God and even if i don’t say it you know my heart God and i have been faithful to you my plan is not disappear after getting this guy because I truly believe that if I get this guy it is because you have gave it for me and you have meant it to be because in my own i couldn’t get this guy and that is why i am even writing it here.

My heart can’t help but love this guy and it even prohibited me from praying for other things and communicating with you, please make him love me the moment he sees me so that i will have a peace of mind and talk to you everyday about my day and have a very close relationship with you and that i will be a testimony that surely you will answer prayers its not that i haven’t seen before.

If our love is not meant to be give me a sign and help me to try to move on because in my own i can’t God. I really am too involved with this guy.

God I have faith in you i have faith that you will answer my prayers and i have faith that you will not just look at me when i suffer because i am also your daughter to whom do you think i will turn on. God please hear my prayers and replay to me as soon as you can because its the feeling is killing me literally. I can’t concentrate in my work and i feel like i will cry and not in a good mood at all. So God please hurry up for your daughter.

I praise you lord for answering my prayer and worship you and follow you the rest of my life. My dear father.

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