Prayer To be with the one i truly love

I love someone, more than i ever thought i would,

he loves me back, and i believe him.
The problem is that he is with someone, whom he says he has fallen out of love with, and i believe him.

He has been with her for 4 years and they live together, not married though, says he’l eventually leave her, and i believe him.

I know we shouldn’t be seeing each other when he already has someone, and lord please forgive us for that.
After i broke up with my last boyfriend of 5 years, i prayed that i’d meet someone i’d love just as much. And i think i’ve found him.

Dear lord, i don’t mean to hurt anyone, but my heart can’t help but love this guy. If our love is not meant to be give me a sign and i’ll try to move on, but if he is the one, please take away some of this pain i feel when he is not with me, please watch over him wherever he goes.

And i pray that we will soon be happy together.