Prayer to be strong

by May (Marikina)

GOD, Thanks for being always there at my side.

I know i am weak but God i know you can show me and help me to be strong enough and i am in agony i can’t easily adjust myself to the new person..

I know God I’m not bright but I’m trying to be.

I can’t speak and write English fluently, that why my classmates, teacher and my friends laugh when they see me..

it’s hurt and when they avoiding me..
that’s why i don’t have friend in my classroom. and i don’t want to push my self to those person who doesn’t accept me..

But thanks God because you gave to me my Family they always there for me.. but..
please God I’m confused what I’m going to do?
please always stay there and guide me for what I’m doing,
I’m afraid,.

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  1. You are loved

    I wish I could take you and hug you for being who you are………your message was so inspiring. I love you and know you will be blessed for being so strong. God is with you and He will be your life long companion.

  2. May God bless you...

    Be strong…you are in a right direction. In the Bible it says, Matthew6:25-“Do not Worry about your life- what to drink, eat, kind of clothes your gonna wear etc, -Matthew 6:33-“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

    At least you have God in your life and He will be your shield. Daily Bread- “Our value is not measure in what we make of ourselves, but by the One who made us…

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