Prayer to be reunited with my family soon

by Mary (Canada)

dear God,

thank you for all the blessings that you gave me, especially my new born baby..and i am so sorry for being unsatisfied for all of this..and i am asking for your forgiveness for all my know there is one more thing that i really want to ask you and hoping to grant my request.and that is to be reunited with my family. I wish their application for permanent residence will be granted soon and receive their visas., so that we could be together here in Canada.It’s been 8 yrs now that i am not with my husband and 3 kids. Visiting them once in a while for a limited time is not enough.

I really miss my kids and husband and I love them so much.. I have been patient, unhappy and lonely for a long time for being away from them just to work here and send them money to support. Now that I am begging you dear God, you have all the powers and can do miracle to speed up the processing of their application..

I really need my family right now, it’s difficult to move around without them that I am only by myself whose taking care of my baby and my sick mother..Please help me God..

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