Prayer to be reunited with my daughter

by Carolyn (San Diego, CA)

Dear god please help me!

Please pray for me…I lost custody of my daughter because I am bipolar. I was in a manic state and very sick. I subsequently had her stay at her dad’s house when I was very sick. During this time, he put a restraining order on me and also filed for full custody and won.

I wasn’t aware at the time that there was a court date and that I needed to attend. So, I have had no contact with my daughter in 8 months. I am now in recovery, (taking medications, seeing a doctor, and therapist)…its a struggle to have absolutely no contact with my daughter. I have filed for visitation.

I’m really struggling with my sense of self worth because my identity before I got sick revolved around my daughter. Please pray that my ex gets served the papers for the mediation in February. Please pray that the mediation in February goes well. Please pray that my recovery continues even though all I care about is seeing my daughter again.

Thank you for keeping me in your prayers

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