Prayer to be released from prison

by Paula (Decatur, GA USA)

Father God

In Jesus name we pray that Excellion is released from the Prison. That he is found innocent of any crime. Please release him unharmed from jail and conviction free so he can live his life as before working hard and enjoying life free from all residue of sexual addiction, drug and alcohol.

He knows those addictions took down a path of destruction but God you saw fit to grab him and redeem him from the snare of the enemy and he has remained faithful and free of those demonic spirits for nearly three years. He has repented of all his sin and we thank you that they have been nailed to the cross and he is now washed in the blood of the lamb.

He has only helped those in need and has an upright reputation. Thank You God for that. Thank you Lord that he is safe and will be lifted out of that horrible un just system in Dekalb County, Georgia.
In Jesus name we thank you.