Prayer to be recognized and not treated badly at work

by Sagren (South Africa)

Please Jesus, I started this job recently and already I am having problems with people stabbing me behind my back now the boss is having second thoughts about me. Please Jesus with you everything is possible so all I ask is to keep my job and others to recognize the good and positive things I do.

I need my job Jesus my lord you know I have a family and I don’t want to be on the streets with my wife and baby so please help me that’s all I ask of you. My heart is really broken how people can treat me like an invalid.

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  1. Job

    You are not alone
    Others I know have issues
    Can’t believe people do not help others
    Who work under them
    I pray for you put this in Jesus Shoulders
    Look up in internet on how to deal with
    Bosses and co workers who have issues

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