Prayer to be More like Christ

by Amanda (Wheeling Wv Usa)

Through the book of life we live

Learning everyday to love and give
Working harder to be like you,Jesus
You’ve been through more the I could handle you died for us
but the book say I can do all things through Christ
Through dark times your the lights
You keep me strong as I stand even stronger as I kneel
You taught me how to love you taught me how to feel
when I talk to god
he chills my entire being
I know your there lord
How could you not be believing
I look at life all around
From stars in the sky
To animals on the ground
beautiful you god created a masterpiece a work of art
my lord everyday I surrender unto you my soul and my heart
Thank you my lord my god
In Jesus name
my life has never been the same
I will be more like Christ amen