prayer to be helped in my financial woes

Dear Lord,

My eyes are towards you from where my help comes from. I ask for pardon for the sins I have committed and for getting into an enormous educational school loans of over $120,000. Now I do not know what to do. There are creditors pursuing me.

Lord you sent Moses to save the Israelites, please send Moses to assist me. Lord like you answered Hannah’s prayers. Please respond my prayer.

Lord you multiplied fishes and loaves of bread; please aid me to pay back all my creditors. Lord you carried a very complex cross. Simon assisted you to bear that burden of the cross. Lord send Simon to assist me carrying that excessively weighty crosses that I carry every day. Please help me from this debt lord.

Lord please I would like that financial phenomenon happen soon to pay back some of what I owe. Lord also, I pray for the brothers and sisters who are in the same situation to be blessed by Jesus the savior in Jesus name. Amen.