Prayer to be healed mentally and physically

by Helen ()

Oh Holy Lord most high, please heal me, family, friends people of the world..

Please heal us all mentally and physically Lord, please heal all the afflicted and my sick body as well..
Please teach us oh Lord to be complete followers of your teachings and your grace…Oh Lord, please be our savior, please be my savior…
Please wave your Holy arms over the earth and heal and forgive us all…
We are your children, and we need you to make us only think of good things and never bad
Please make people stop smoking, drinking booze and doing bad drugs oh lord and to know and do nothing but goodness on this earth…Help me be a better person as well oh Lord..
Oh lord, please stop the bad weather everywhere and the wars and bring peace on earth now and forever…As it would be so beautiful…
Oh lord please erase all my sins privately and from all public records for no one to know but you and I…please erase all the bad things I have done from the public eye as I am truly sorry and repent all of my sins oh lord, I am truly sorry for them..
Dear Lord I thank you for my gift of life, oh Lord I know I am not worthy to receive you, but just say the word and I shall be healed…that we all shall be healed oh Lord and live in your example now and forever and ever.
Please hear and answer our unselfish prayers, please make gas prices come down and the cost of living to come down and for all medical people to have compassion and the proper knowledge to heal through your holy hands oh Lord to heal and save our precious lives which are yours oh Lord..
I ask all of this in Jesus Holy name of Lord and for it to be your will oh Lord for life everlasting Amen!
In the name of the Father, The Son and Holy Spirit …Amen..Thank you Dear God Amen..

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  1. healing

    Thank You, There is so much going on in this world. And we need his healing grace, power, mercy. Thank you for your words.

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