prayer to be happy in life together

by C (CA)

Please help, pray for us. To be happy together, no longer apart, to grow together in love and never have a want for anything or anyone else; to be an individual and grow personally with our lives together. Please bring us together, and all that we have learned from being apart is something that is now a means for us to never be lost from each other’s love ever again.

Please bring us to a long happy union, that allows us to live in each others love, the comfort of having new jobs from what he have now to bring us to prosperity in a comfortable home, and share our caring hearts with both our families and our friends. Keep this in your heart dear God, for us to know what true love for each other may be from where we have been in the past.

For the past worries and troubles to be gone, and for both of us to have a new clean start – together, and never part.