prayer to be guided by the Lord

Dear Lord, I m praying for guidance…I need your help in many ways…I do try very hard to be a good person and not to get stuck in the ugliness and darkness..first I pray for help and the struggle I have sometimes with my Faith due to hardship and the consist money problems,and the unexpected pregnancy with the birth of the twins and the difficulties that comes with it…and for my failing marriage my husband who is getting meaner and colder and pulled in to the darkness for he has no faith or brought up with no believe or love in his heart or if he just don’t believe or has never found you..don’t get me wrong I thank for what you do give me.I love my twins,I love all four my kids and thank you they are all healthy…I really need help with the decision for a divorce I struggle with it every day….I know mine seem so mminor and there worst !out ..I pray they get help to. ..thank love me