Prayer to Be Frugal

Lord, I humbly ask for your mercy that I will be debt free very soon. All I have is debt, no investment. I am not feeling good at all because of this. Please intervene that I will settle all my debts very soon so I can start with investment for the future.

I am living paycheque to paycheque but I am worried about the future. What if there is an emergency? Or a lay-off? What will happen to me and the rest of the family member who are dependent on me? Please Lord and Mama Mary please intervene that I can pay my credit cards and personal credit line ASAP pa-birthday nyo na sa akin. Ibinibigay ko na po lahat ng utang ko sainyo Lord and Mama Mary, please take charge and I promise to live life more frugally. Only spend with cash that I have. Thank you po.

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