prayer to be freed from these financial burdens

by Anonymous (Wi)

Lord I come to you to ask for help for me and my family as we struggle through these difficult times. As you know, we have been troubled my our own mistakes financially and recently by the troubles of others mistakes. we are struggling to stay afloat Lord.

We our trying to work we and where we can, to provide for our children. I have fought against these illnesses that cripple me mentally and physically daily so that I may provide for my family. Lord help us and hear our prayers for a financial miracle in our lives right now. We seek only to live in peace and provide for our children.

We do not need a shiny new car, or the biggest house, just our health, our family, your love, and freedom from the debt collectors that refuse to understand we haven’t anymore to give than what we offer, Lord hear my prayers and save us today as only you can. I pray this in the name of your son Jesus Christ, our savior. Amen

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  1. Peace

    Thank You for this beautiful prayer.I pray this broken body will make it one more day.I don’t need much.Just one room where
    it is clean ,warm and dry with a bed and clean sheets.It is too embarrassing if people knew my identity. I see struggling families and feel selfish but know i need to try and stay off the streets.I was not too successful for a bit last year but at least I am dry now.Just a heavy blanket would be nice.Even though I worked hard and provided for my family for 30yrs I did not provide for myself.Dear God forgive me my mistakes and help me now.Thank You,Amen

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