Prayer to Be Fixed In Our Marriage

by Grace (Davie, USA)

Lord you know all of the ups and downs I havE had in my marriage. When I think things are better I find that things get worst between us. Only you know the heart of my husband and his thought. He gets aggravated with me for no reason. You see and hear him lord.

I pray i understand how to be with him because I truly after all these years have no clue what to do anymore. I try and nothing goes well. I ask in the mighty name of Jesus if you want me to continue in this relationship that you reveal to me what I should do my lord. For your word tells me that you do not like divorce your word tells me that you are a god of unity your word tells me that you want me to have joy and peace. I may be married but I live alone and I am alone my lord.

Help me father for this man you have joined me to doesn’t treat me as a husband should. This man you have joined me to is a very angry and only desires his way and ego works on him. Lord you promised me you would be changing him and to just leave him to you to keep quiet and not disrupt lord it takes a lot out of me to do your will and I need to ask you to give me the strength to do your will.

Your word says that an unsaved husband is sanctified by his wife. I pray that you remember your words to me. My husband must line up to your word and father I ask in the name of Jesus that even at this moment you are moving on his heart and changing him transforming him. Lord please I ask don’t delay on this man for it hurts and my heart is broken and upset.

I pray for your will to be done in the mighty name of Jesus I ask these things amen. Lord dreams let him dream tonight and show him who,my creator is. Don’t let him destroy me lord, my pure and faithful heart my soul and my spirit ache with this man over and over again.

Lord I,pray let him meet and encounter you your power and show him that I am not alone and that I have a father that will not stand and watch him treat me with this disrespect. I pray that you my father will,show him that he can not speak out of line and get away with it.

Let him remember the fate his father received for deceiving and for the wrongdoing he did against his own wife. Father I pray you break the generational curse tonight and show my husband how he is wrong and that you as your word declares love justice,and you hate robbery and wrongdoing.

For you will reward me you will reward the suffering of your people and make an everlasting covenant with me. Thank you father for caring for me. Amen