prayer to be financially independent

by James (Sydney, Australia)

Dear Almighty God,

I want to thank for your Son Jesus Christ who died for my sins. I denounce cursing you and taking your name in vain because my prayers were not answered. Please forgive me all my sins. I know Jesus blood has washed me clean.

God, as you know I’m going through a very difficult situation at the moment. I’m fortunate to have a job but I have made mistakes in my banking career by not relating well to my bosses, people and burning some bridges along the way.

I have made major mistakes and found it to be very difficult to get a promotion or retain a stable job because of my past mistakes. I’m not ambitious and I seek is a good environment to work in. I tried to apply for external jobs (any job that I can do) and have not managed to get any interviews to date.

At my current job, I have been tormented, bullied and persecuted. I put up with it all and find it a dread to go to work. I have been under performance management but have successfully come out of it. You see, people are trying to get rid of me at work. We had a recent restructure and I’m sure I will not survive the next restructure. I will probably be made redundant. Because of these circumstances, I plead with you God Almighty to let me win OzLotto this Tuesday 19 Nov 2013 (drawn at 8.30 AEST). I’m not asking for much and God you know how much I’m asking for God.

Please God, I failed to sleep at night because of anxiety which is caused by real issues at work confronting me at this stage. This situation has lasted for almost a year, constantly where I’m been tormented. I’m stressed and cannot seem to escape this hole. I need the job but I dread going to work.

God, I believe if I won Ozlotto this Tuesday my situation will definitely change for the better and I will ensure I remain humble and thankful to you God.

Please God, I’m on my knees and I ask you to help me please. There are many other benefits as you know God and I will not be spending it on myself. All I want is financial independence so I can do other things. I’m a slave to my current situation and I ask to lift me out God. I do not love money. I only ask because with financial blessing comes financial independence to lift me out of my slavery. I’ve been through it enough and I’m grateful for the experience. I need to move on God…please!