Prayer to Be Employed in the Medical Field

by William (San Antonio, TX)

Dear Lord,

Thank you for your many blessings, but as you know, I am in need of a job. Lord, please help me to find a nursing job that will hire me because I am having difficulty finding work. I am having such difficulty because I have stipulations on my license because of the stupid mistake I made, instead of coming to you, 7 years ago after Michelle and Sheila Died.

I am full of pain and remorse. I want to finish my stipulations so that I can move on in my life, but I cant unless I work as a nurse, yet I get turned down at every door as soon as I am honest with them. Please Lord help me, You know that I am a good worker and that I carry your word to all of my patients and how you saved me.

I need a miracle, please open some doors for me so that I can earn back the trust that I alone destroyed 7 years ago.

William Delfs, San Antonio, TX

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