Prayer to be delivered from anxiety, depression, and anger

by T.S.B (Fort Washington, MD)

Dear God,

I give you all honor and glory first. I thank you for being God all by yourself. I worship you because you are my heavenly father, you created me in your perfect image as well as all of the world and its creations. You are most high and you are holy.

Heavenly father, I thank you for your mercy and grace and forgiveness that are so abundant. I thank you father that even in my times of despair and lowliness, you are with me to guide me, comfort me and bless me. I thank you for all of my blessing including the health of my family (especially those relationships that you have resotred and and continue to restore), i thank you for my fiance and his health (and the health of our relationship), i thank you father for my home and food everyday to nourish me. Also heavenly father, i thank you for my job, my education, and transportation. I have so much to be thankful for and i know that it is all by your grace that I can be blessed to recieve it.

Almighty father I thank you most of all for the blood of your son, my lord and saviour Jesus Christ, for if it were not for the blood i don’t know where i would be. I thank you Jesus for dying for me and paying for my sins so I didn’t have too.

I confess to you dear God, that i have sinned against myself, others, and most of all you. I haven’t loved my neighbors or treated others as I would want to be treated. I also have chosen to live a life that is not what you would have for me including, sex, drugs, lies, unforgivness, coldness, and lonesominess.

Heavenly father, I am so sorry for all of these sins, as well as the sins that I can’t remember. I know that I am as low as a worm sometimes. I ask of you, heavenly father that you continue to convict me in my spirit when i sin and give me the strenght and courage to confess my sins. Please forgive me and have mercy on me heavenly father.

I thank you almighty father for your forgiveness, and for washing me clean. I pray heavenly father, by the power of the holy spirit and the blood of your son Jesus, that you would deliver me from the attacks of the devil on my mind, body, and spirit. I ask of you heavenly father to deliver me from anxiety, depression, and the anger that I am often feeling. Please deliver me from these strong holds in my life and any root causes of them I ask for you to deliver me from the pressure and anguish. Heavenly father, I ask that you would make me anew and that you would replace those old feelings and behavior with your peace, love, and forgivenss and that you would be bless me to overcome that and become a person of life, inspiration, motivation, and forgiveness.Lastly father, I pray for others who are feeling this way and do not know how to seek help. You are an all knowing God- you know me better than myslef and I ask all of this in the name of your son jesus. Amen

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