Prayer to be Debt-Free

by Elvina (United Arab Emirates)

Sacred Heart of Jesus please forgive me for being so stupid and selfish. I am deeply sorry for all the wrong I have done by getting into debt, please by the grace of a miracle help me clear my debt and I make a solemn promise to you today that I will never be so stupid in the future to end up in this mess again. Heavenly Father, Blessed Virgin Mary and Guardian Angel Michael hear my prayer today. Help me before it interferes in my home life and family, it will destroy us. I ask for no fortune to come upon me, just my debts cleared and I will survive on what I have and make ends meet without the constant worry and sleepless nights caused by my stupid mistakes in the past. Please bestow a miracle upon me & my daughter and son today Lord.

Help my son get a high paid salary job which he has been looking for almost a year but nothing coming up.

Jesus please do not forsake us and leave us abandoned and let those who want to see the bad of us and laugh at us get an opportunity to laugh.

Thank you Jesus.

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