Prayer to be debt free

by Scott Family (Mobile Al)

Lord God I come in you son Jesus name please forgive my self and husband and our childern for getting into so much debit.I ask in your son Jesus name to release me and my family from debit in you word God you said in you word if we pay our tithes that you would rebuke the devour so bring our tithes to your store that our house will not go with out I ask heavenly father debt free mortgages paid in full. My and husband and my childern, paid in full credit cards paid in full debit free release funds now. In your word you said owe no men but to love them so i say.No more debit in Jesus name I believe you Lord God in Jesus name in your word you said own no man but to love them. So I speak to my debit paid in full now. All my debit paid in full. In Jesus name Lord God you said speak to our mountains and they will be moved. So speak debit free tomorrow for me and my family. In Jesus name and I speak to my childern debit be gone in Jesus name. I speak to my husband and my,my childern debit you be gone in Jesus and deal and heal our heart. From the. Finances stresses that we are going through in Jesus I pray amen and amen .thank you Lord God for hearing my prayers. In jesus name. Debit free today in Jesus name. I love you Lord God thank you debit free Jesus name we pray amen.

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