Prayer to be contacted by romantic partner

by AW. (USA.)

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I come humbly to you in this new Month of January 2013, asking that you Please continue laying the strong groundwork which will ALLOW my M. to contact me soon as possible in 2013. I ask that you give him a very real since of urgently that he needs to resume his life, and resume what we had before he left for K. for his teaching stay. I pray he’s back home in S. by now, and that he IS contacting me with love in his heart anytime now. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I really want for us to talk immediately after he gets settled back into his usual routine at home, and after he speaks with family, friends, and gets all his business dealings in order.

I ask that when we start talking, he shares ALL he’s been doing the past year with me. I ask that we also begin to bond strongly, and that our love/communication/contact grows stronger and more powerful with each passing day in 2013. Let him offer love and sincere support to me concerning my health situation & challenges, and let him accept and love me for who I am. I ask that his LOVE and PASSION is upon NO other woman but me, casting all others aside. Sacred Heart of Jesus, whether it be online or on the phone, I ask that my M. Steps up–moves forward TO me and contacts. I want to hear nothing but good and positive news from him when he contacts. I ask that M. not ever be too busy or tired to contact me–that time be MADE for us to speak in-depth and candidly to one another.

Also, I ask that it be made possible for him to come visit me in the USA this new year of 2013. I know a family member is to come here to visit this year, but please delay that so I can speak with M. and so he can support me with things, and we know what those things are. I really want to see him in person and have him see me. I really need M’s love, support, patience and help. Sacred Heart, take my prayer, place it in YOUR Open heart then cover it with your precious blood, and when Our Eternal Father sees my prayers there, HE will think their YOUR prayers and answer them immediately. Sacred Heart of Jesus, you know how difficult things have been for me this year, but I STILL trust in you–

Oh please do not let me down! I really want to get things started with M. again now in big and loving ways soon as possible! I continue to light a Sacred Heart Red candle in your honor and in Our Father’s honor, as my way to say thank you for everything, and for when my prayers for love are answered. I ask that anyone who seeks true love/companionship/joy, that their prayers be answered also! I LOVE YOU Jesus and I LOVE YOU Heavenly Father! Give me strength, patience and endurance through all things with M. and please let marriage NOT be that far away between myself and my M. after we’ve gotten together and bonded as ONE in true LOVE, TRUST & RESPECT! My heart is FULLY OPEN, and I ask humbly and on bended knees that you send us both into each others hearts and lives. It’s been a year since we’ve talked, so I ask that you please place a sense of URGENCY into his spirit Sacred Heart that he MUST contact me NOW and also speak with me & re-connect with me immediately!

Thank you for all Sacred Heart of Jesus….as I know all is happening for my good even though I may not see it with my naked eyes–I have to know all is being worked out for me by YOU & OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, and that my M. is in my heart, soul and spirit. I MUST KNOW THAT: M. IS HERE, M. IS HERE, in 2013!!!


Amen and Amen~

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