Prayer to Be Clean and Drug-free

by Ryan (Boston, MA, USA)

Lord please hear my prayer. I know I have not been the man I need to be for Danielle and Karma my rottweiler. I have made many mistakes and treated Danielle very very badly, especially lately. We have been through so much over the past 2 years from brutal heroin addictions, many very very dark awful things that go along with active addiction to the both of us being clean and working and going good.

We have had some really special times together and some really bad times but no matter what we managed to stay together. I know God was maybe the only one holding our relationship together at times. I love Danielle with all my heart and will do anything for her. I have been so hurt lately i cant even begin to describe it. She is going to leave me and take the dog as well. I have been trying very hard to get clean, the both of us are using and are caught up very badly using heroin. I have taken suboxone and its my 2nd day not using dope. Im trying to get clean to get my life back and my relationship. Danielle says there is no chance for us but im going to try anyway.

I cant lose this girl. Hopefully ill take the suboxone for maybe a day or two more to calm down the dope sickness and i will be on my way to getting clean again and help other addicts to do the same. I pray to God that Danielle can see that im serious with all this and that im ready to do this. I dont like the way I have treated her at all. Id kill someone if they treated her even half the way i have. Im surprised she is still here. I dont deserve her at all. She is an amazing woman she truely is and I love her, my God you have no idea how much.

Please if you have read all this i know it is long, if you wouldnt mind just saying a quick prayer for me if you can I would greatly appreciate it. I love lots of hard work to do and I wont be able to do it without Gods help.

Thank You. (Especially if you took the time to read the whole thing)
God Bless!!

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