Prayer to Be Blessed with a Child

by Kole (NC)

Dear Heavenly father, I come to you in humble my self in your presence with an open heart and full faith in you. Lord I know that all things are possible through you and only you. Lord I am beleiving and trusting in your word and your promises. I am asking you to lay your hands on my womb and heal anything that is needing it, allow my womb to be able to carry a healthy child. God I am asking that you lay your hands on me and bless me with a healthy child. Allow all things to flow according to your will. Give me the strength and wisdom to go on through this journey. I out all my faith in you and know that my time is near to receive my blessing. I thank you in advance and give you all praise before hand knowing that you do just want you said you would do. I ask all these things in jesus name I pray AMEN!

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