Prayer to be Back together with my love

Dear Lord, it’s been well over a year since he left. He came back again & again, every time you heard him share his love for me yet share his fear for not being good enough. You keep having our paths cross and I see your daily reminders.

But I have been in so much pain this time I had to say goodbye. Please Lord I beg of you, i am on my knees, please have mercy on me, help with this pain,let him know it is ok for us to be together.Guide him back, clear him of this fear. You saw how happy we were, we were ready for the next step. I know we both had lessons to learn. Please help him, give him the strength to come back to me, I have tried to move on and I cannot share myself with another.You know how I feel, I pray every night, I am so grateful for all of your gifts Lord.

But I have not been the same without him, the way we used to be. I told him this is the test, if he truly loves me, he will come back and be fully ready this time. Please wake him Lord. I’m missing my best friend, my love, and I am ever thankful for you bringing us together…please help us have our love become strong together again. Amen