Prayer to be Able to Provide for My Family

Oh heavenly father, I am tired. These financial problems have made me weak, even though I have lifted them up to you they still burden me. I do not ask for luxury, I just want to be able to provide.

Not worry how to rearrange things to pay them and I do not mean credit card. I mean rent, utilites, food. school is coming up and how am i going to get what the children need?

i need you to bless me and my family, please lord. you know my burden i am trying to have faith and keep strong believing that you will come through. i feel like i am drowning, gasping for air. The car is falling apart.

I need money, I am working , my husband is working and we are still strugging , life should not be this hard, we have always looked to you, please bless us, please send Jesus name AMEN

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