Prayer to be able To do God’s work

by Kerry (Texas)

Today, Holy Father, I acknowledge that I am completely at your mercy. My present evmployment is sound financially , but worldly oppressive. I ask in Jesus Name, that you free me from this oppression and help me to find work where I am working with your people to give back and pay it forward . My desire is to use my God given talents of listening and praying for others, to feed those wh are hungry, to shelter those who need shelter, to live and breathe for You. Lord, I am pleading my case, I ask for forgiveness where I need it and pledge to work through my inefficiencies . I am asking for a job that brings honor to you. Please give me a chance to redeem myself, to forgive those that I need to forgive and move forward.

In your precious Son’s name, Amen.

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