Prayer to be a couple again

(New York)

Dear St. Jude,

Rebecca is the true love of my life. We have known of each other since we were children. My mother was her preschool teacher and that is when she had her first meeting with me when I went to see my mother at school.

Fast forward and she is 14 and I see her at my cousins house. Then she became best friends with my cousin and had met the first day of high school. Fast forward she is 21 and I take her out for her birthday as a friend.

That night I had feelings that her and I were meant to be but I said nothing because I wanted her to finish school. I knew two years later that we would be a couple and we were. She is now 25 she feels confused and afraid to tell her step mother that we are together because she and I were on a break for the past two months ever since her step mother put pressure on her to know whether or not she was going to marry me.

She freaked out and didn’t know what to do. I have given her space as best I can so that she can figure things out. This past weekend we had a wonderful date with each other. She called the next day to thank me and wish me luck on my job interview as I am in pursuit of a better career. DEAR ST JUDE and ALL WHO READ THIS.

I am asking for your prayers to please keep us together. She said to me that she is scared to tell her step mother that we were together and I am scared she will leave me. Please pray for us to be strong and to keep dating each other.

Pray that we marry each other and have the life that we visualized and planned to have with each other. Please pray that all blocks be removed so that we can move forward with each other in our relationship filled with love, caring and honesty towards each other.

Thank you all who pray for me.