Prayer to avoid eviction

by Cndee (Houston)

Hello Prayer partners,

I have been an elementary teacher for 17 years. I have the highest evaluations one can get here in the state of Texas.

In May, I resigned my job to relocate and marry what I thought was the man for me to spend the rest of my life with.

Well to make a long story short… Since Sept 2010 I have been looking for a teaching job, and other jobs, such as Walgreens, Target etc. Anything to keep me afloat.

I ended up having to take out my teacher retirement, which was not a lot because I had taken most of it out some yrs.ago to puchase a house.

Right now, on Christmas Eve, It’s hard for me not to cry, so hard to feel joy, knowing my son and I could be homeless come Jan 1 2011.

I am not a lazy person I WANT TO WORK even at Burger King, but nothing. I have been on a few interviews for teaching, but the true fact is they can hire 2 teachers fresh out of collge for my one salary. With so many districts in financial uproar, I do understand where they are coming from.

Please pray I get a job very soon. I beleive my apt complex would work with me paying late, rather than evict me, but I can not promise them any money with no job.

I do have food stamps, and my church gave me a Walmart gas card and a little money and I am truly thankful to God for all these blessings!!!!

I am greatful my son and I are healthy, because I have no insurance/money for a doctor/medicine.
Tonight I will go to candle light service at my church. I am very sure I will feel warm, welcome,and JOY!

God Bless you

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  1. One day

    One day at a time is what I will tell you. Keep God in your mind and mouth. Thank him for what he’s gotten you through since you’ve been alive and keep the faith . I also work in the school district of Los Angeles and it’s shaky at times especially a few years ago when there were many budget cuts and layoffs. However, I’m a Special Ed. Paraprofessional and I made it through by the grace of God. You might want to consider preschool teaching or teacher assisting until you can be hired as a teacher again to keep you afloat . GOD BLESS’!

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