Prayer to avoid bankruptcy

by Beth C. (Pennsylvania, USA)

I ask that all who pray, please say one for me. I had to live on credit cards when my Mother passed, and then I lost my job, and in an accident lost my car. I have tried to get back on my feet, but this debt is more than I can deal with alone. My family thinks bankruptcy is my only option, but I have to believe I can make it through this.

All I ask is for the means to be able to live debt free. I will work for the rest of my life, but please let me have this small mercy. Let me be free from these debts, so I may stop barely surviving, and start truly living. Those of faith, please lift me up so I do not drown. Thank you. Amen.

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  1. cor trrupt solicitor trying to make me bankruptDear

    Dear Lord, i’ m trying not to think about Monday but it does creep in, you know the situation. the wickedness of Mr Becker and co.

    Things are not right, I call on justice and truth.

    .The fraud that been going on aided and abetted. I PRAY JESUS TAKE CHARGE. THANK YOU.


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