Prayer to Ask the Lord to Restore My Marriage

My husband and I have had a rough road these past 5 years. We have been bouncing back and forth with getting back together and apart again. I ask for prayer that he will have a clear vision for the two of us. That the Lord will speak to him and he will be receiving of his voice.

My desire is to stand by my husband as one. I pray that he will not sign the paperwork that he had the lawyer start to process.

He will again turn from this choice and restore our marriage. I pray that the wounds we once caused one another will be completely healed. Lord I know your power. I know how you have revealed yourself to me and this mighty power.

I pray that once again you would open Josh’s eyes and allow him to turn from this woman and come back so we can be a family unit again. One that is stronger and has such a firm foundation.

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