Prayer to Ask the Lord to Give Me a Baby

We have already had two miscarriages, one just a couple of months ago. It is so hard to want a child and feel that you cannot have one. You have given us the opportunity to conceive but then just as quickly as it was given, it was taken away. I know there must be a reason and I know that you have a master plan but I find it so difficult to have felt genuine happiness only to have lost it. We are continually disappointed month after month and it is slowly begining to get the best of me.

We have one child, born with a rare genetic disorder, and there is nothing more important to us than to be able to give her a baby brother or sister. Our hope is that she can live with unconditional love for the rest of her life in spite of being different.

Please Lord grant us peace through our fertility journey and show us the way to conception.

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