Prayer to Ask for Financial Help

Dear God,

It’s me, your child. Today i ask for financial help to help me better do thy will.

I must be honest, I also ask for help so i can pay my meager bills and find a place to stay so i can finally be free of my dissolved relationship.

God it is hard to everyday have to see the person who just a few short weeks ago was my “forever after” and is now my “ex”. it is hard to heal when each day the wound is reinjured when i see her in this same house that we shared as a couple. i need to move out and move on. I hurt so bad and my financial situation is only exacerbating the pain.

I know that nothing happens in your world by mistake. And there is a reason this is happening to me as it is. But God I just hope that you will find the time to help me your child, through this darkness to your light.

I know you are a source of unlimited abundance, please shower some of that financial abundance upon me so that i can at the very least be free from financial fear for awhile.

Thank you for your time God