Prayer To Almighty God to Bring Back a Love I Once Lost

by Barbara (Jersey Shore)

Dear Almighty God I come to you as your humble child. Earnestly asking you Almighty God with all my love, all my heart to please answer this prayer. I always tell everyone to pray without any doubt.

Yet when I ask for love for myself I always doubt. I am asking you to bring back person that I truly feel is the love of my life his name Timmy. After 20 years we got reunited and everything was amazing absolutely perfect. But I returned to see him and the second visit didn’t go so well on my behalf.

So all I asking Almighty God for you to please remove any negativity in Timmy’s head towards me and to remember all of the good, great times that we had. Let Timmy please love me with all of his heart. Let Timmy and I be soul mates. Let Timmy miss me extremely and have an overabundance of love for me. That Timmy will never want another woman but me.

And if he is with another woman, please let it end. Let no other woman compare to me. Please let Timmy and I grow old together. Please bring Timmy and I together for ever, that Timmy has an overabundance of love for me. He never calls or texts me anymore. Please let that change and bring Timmy back to me wanting me to be by his side always and forever.

Please let this happen soon. Thank you Almighty God, your loving child

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