Prayer to Allow me to be a generous provider and to help others in need.

by Doug (Saginaw,Michigan)

Dear Jesus, I am praying that you help me to prosper again so that I am able to provide for the love of my life which is another prayer for her to let me into her heart but I really need this to relieve our financial burdens and to offer her security to trust in me.

She needs this also as she was never treated as she should be by men. I however am different because I truly want her as my wife, to be able to kiss her and tell her how much I love her every chance I get. And since we are both handicapped we will need prosperity to cover medical needs and hopefully be able to afford to spend winters in a warmer climate.Thank you. Praise Jesus!!!

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  1. A beautiful wonderful prayer.

    This prayer is a special one to me as this man sounds very sincere in his wishes to provide for his true love-future wife. It’s obvious that he would do anything for this special lady that is near and dear to his heart and he must think of her very often. That’s genuine true, unconditional love that you don’t hear much of anymore. I hope this man wins the lottery and the hand of his special love. By the blood of Jesus Amen!!

  2. I hope she knows how much he loves her.

    What a heartfelt prayer! This fellow knows what he wants and it sounds like he wants to provide the best for his special lady,I got choked up reading it as it redeams itself and is a prayer more people need to follow and bring back chivalry and manners.It speaks to me and it sounds to me like this man would give a kidney or part of his liver shortening his own life to have more time with her if that was the case.I sincerely hope the love of his life realizes how much he loves her and needs her in his life as it sounds like he is asking for longterm provisions for a lifetime to spend with this beloved lucky lady. It is refreshing to hear of someone who is planning a lifelong marriage in this ( marry today,divorce next week because I changed my mind) society. I pray to St.Jude and God that this man’s prayers are answered very soon.Amen! P.S. I hope they send in a letter of thanks for prayers answered with a few details.I prayed for these prayers to be granted.Glory be to God in his masterful will.Amen!

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