Prayer to allow me success in my business.

by Greg (Manassas, VA)

Lord I know I’ve asked this before, and you know in my heart that I am trying to follow your path for me. You know that I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so I ask that you please guide my hands, my heart, my head and allow me success in my business.

I know that I have squandered in the past, and that you are now teaching me the importance of appreciating what was given to me, and what is given to me. In your time I will learn, I believe you will let no harm come to me, you know all my faults. Please father I have others who rely on me, and I want to take on the REAL responsibility of being a good provider, and employer. I need you in my life, please can you continue to help me, and the others that are sincerely seeking your guidance.

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