Prayer to Allow A House Sale to be Completed

by Ken (Maryland)

My wife and her sister co-inherited their late mother’s house and arranged to sell it and split the proceeds. The sister lives hundreds of miles away, so my wife, as executor of the estate, invested time and money to make the house presentable to potential buyers.

The sister, on the other hand, wanted to sell it immediately in “as-is” run-down condition without using a real estate agent, and is extremely angry at my wife for not following that approach.

After several months on the market, we finally found a buyer for my mother-in-law’s house. But my angry sister-in-law is threatening to contest the sale as a way to punish my wife. The sister is financially well-off and doesn’t care if she loses her half of the money; but my wife and I are struggling, and desperately need the money to help pay off debts for our children’s college educations.

Please pray that my sister-in-law will be merciful, and refrain from trying to sabotage this sale that my wife worked so hard to bring to fruition.

Thank you all and God Bless!

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  1. I've been there before

    real quick I’ll tell you my story. Five years ago we finally sold my mother’s house. My brother and Sister are both millionares (they started a business together), but me and my wife really depended on the proceeds of the sale. My brother eventually gave in and stopped contesting the sale, but my sister wouldn’t budge. For seven months she fought it, and the would be buyers ran out of patience and extenstions. The sale fell through and it ended up costing my wife and me over 12,000$ of our own money, not to mention almost every penny the estate had left that wasnt tied into the house itself. I prayed and fasted and tried to forgive my sister, but I was so emotionally and financially broken that I was depressed a lot. I realized that I needed tio pray harder. We eventually found two more potential buyers (one of those my sister actually physically threatened and scared away, until we got the courts to interced and had a restraining order on her so she could/t go within fifty feet of the end of the property lines. This proved the only way to resolve this. The third and finaly prosctive buyer ended up being the one! She saw that we were hard up finically and upped her bid to ten thousand above asking (plus she really wanted the house but saw we had no heart left to haggle) and paid closing. I pray to god that your situation comes through without as much drama. So here’s my prayer.

    Dear Lord,
    Cover the sale of this house with the blood of Christ, and seal it in his mighty name. Look down kindly on this man and his family, and especially on his sister in law, who has clearly lost her way and for whatever reason has a lot of hurt in her heart. Help her to see reason and compassion. Continue to bless the would be buyers and give them patience to see it through till the end of the say, protect them from the sister in laws behavior and let them only see the good this house could do them.
    In Jesus’ name

  2. Situation resolved

    Thank you for your prayers. The sale was completed successfully without any further disruption from my sister-in-law, her husband was able to keep her under control.

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