Prayer to acquire own home

by Tricia (Trinidad)

In Your tender and loving mercy, dear Heavenly Father, You have always bestowed upon my family and me great blessings and gifts. For this, I sincerely thank You. I trust in Your promise to take care of us. I believe that You are looking after every detail of our lives.

Father God, hear my special prayer to acquire my own home. Grant my family and me a home which is safe, conveniently located, affordable, structurally sound, comfortable, spacious, attractive and having all the features and designs that we want it to have. Grant us too the financial means to be able to acquire that property.

Loving Father, when all is said and done, help us to build a home in it where Jesus is Our Rock and where the Holy Spirit may dwell for Your honour and glory.
I make this prayer in Jesus’ Name. Amen.