Prayer to accomplish goals

by Kristie (Matawan ;Nj,Usa)

Dear Father; Son; and Holy Spirit;

I am writing to you today in reference to helping me accomplish my needs in order to move on and accomplish bigger goals I have in this lifetime. I feel I have so much to offer to my family and friends as well as people in general. Spiritually I am growing however I need to find my purpose; I get frustrated :

I understand I have a lot of plans ahead of me and can’t seem to focus. Please give me inner wisdom and strentgh to overcome this obstacle ; help me focus on my creativity; raising my daughter right; be a better person; and to take care or myself better physically and mentally.

Help me focus and do better in life and help me excel in my new job. …thank you for listening ..I love you for that

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  1. dance/talents

    Dear God I would like you to help me see my talents and I been trying to do the ballet moves that I want to learn but I keep on failing. The reason why I want to learn these moves is because I would like to be a dancer and maybe one of the best but the problem is that I put myself down I would like you to know that I put in the work and you can help me out and shine a light in the window. I want to see my accomplishment and lord give me a sign let me know that I will finish what I put my mind to and I would love maybe if you showed me a dream or something that showed me my dancing in a couple years from now.

    In Jesus name amen

  2. Result oriented

    Jehovah thank you for the privilege of prayer. Send your holy spirit to give me the discipline to set and achieve my daily goals towards my final result. IJN Amen,.

  3. better job

    Oh Lord I ‘m sorry for those i have done wrong ,Thank you for everything,I know no matter what YOU are there for me .Please dear God listen to my prayers…I have many plans and I cant do anything without YOUR help.I’waiting for so long for this opportunity ,I have gone this far and I know You’re holding my hand till the end.Please God,only my visa is the key to go there Please grant me for the best future of my son myself and my family.Im begging you with all my heart and all my soul .


  4. prayers

    Lord I feel hopeless since I don’t know if you listen to my prayers.I’m usually making mistakes which I begged you to stop me doing that besides me losing weight and not have such hard side affects in my medicine. Most important be able to move into Los Angeles low income housing or SRO housing and then public housing soon.Please send me to heaven after I die to be happy and I pray now to reach all my goals very soon without any problems.Lord have mercy.Thank you Father God.Amen.

  5. housing

    I pray to reach my goals ASAP cause I’ve been suffering for many years with mental illnesess with low income below poverty line in bad living conditions so I need to move to good place by being accepted by L.A. low income housing,SRO and public housing while working well with the procedure to pass it and then get a job to finally feel life is worth something positive and have fortunate future.Also regret past mistakes I unfortunately made.Need to lose 20 pounds and wish my pills didn’t have such negative side affects.Stop the horrible habit of running away again.Also to feel better by being blessed of reaching my goals soon especially I always have stress, anxiety and depression.Amen

  6. my family

    I really messed things up in my household, and I really need the strength to get thru this rocky road. My family is very important to me, My daughter needs my help in getting her back into her classes, I didn’t mean to withdrawal her from her classes, it was a huge mistake, I feel like I have disappointed everyone in my household. Please Dear Lord, help me get thru this horrible, difficult time. I’m trying to get my kids thru college and make my family happy.

    Love you

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