Prayer to accept the situations I can not control

Lord, please don’t leave my side. We need you. Please help the courts see that her father is only coming after her out of spite of me. Please do not let her be taken from me. She needs her mother and I need her. These 8 years that you have given us together have been a blessing.

I will do my best to work your will in her life. Please help me to accept the outcome no matter what it may be as your will and to only give positive support to my little girl. I really do trust you Father to keep her safe. Please help me keep her happy and in our home where I can continue to love her and teach her of your love. Help her dad think of her before himself. Help him and his wife live life out of happiness and not be fueled by anger. Please Lord don’t leave us in the dark or uncertain part of our lives for too long. I am not sure I can bear it. Please keep Zander safe. I miss him terribly. Let him know I still love him and I cant wait to see him one day. He is amazing and I miss him so much. Please help me keep my little family together and maintain class and happiness through you. I do not want to make decisions out of anger and I do not want to be weak. I beg you Lord help us.

I love you. Amen.

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