Prayer to A chance to have my own family.

by Fanta (United States)

I was in love with this guy name Henley for 3 years and got pregnant. During my pergancy he was activte. After our son was born 3 months old, he left us. He got in a relationship with other female and started taking care of her son and not our son. I really want him to come back and be a father to our son and a husband to me.

I want him to ask for forgivenes and do right by us. He lost us and his family and friends for this one person that no one like. Father God please let his eye open today to see that he needs to apologize and get to his friends and family again. Let him be a man. God let him move out of her house and fine a place for his son and I to live and him to live as a family.

Let him become a God fearing man. In your name I pray for this Lord

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