Prayer that truth will be uncoverd/deception cover-up revealed

by Lisa (Hicksville NY)

I need prayer for lies exposed, deception revealed. My ex husband has taken one truth about me and built an Empire in Family Court. He has gotten the powers that be in That court, to forget what he is and that he is incompetent and evil and has not visited his children in 6 years.

He has somehow gotten the Law guardian to forget that he is a drug addicted, alcoholic, violent person, by convincing her that my one problem had resurfaced. This law guardian has known us for 9 years and this will be the 3rd time he has fooled her. This always comes to light (we have a very long history in the court system and he uses that we get New judges who do not know us as his tactic and is called Forum Shopping), but takes months and months of time until each new judge sees the truth. My Child who is 12, almost 13, now resides with him. this Child has been illegally kept from me, against the Order of the Court, but the Court seems to not care about that, which confounds me..he is in contempt of court–I am viewed as a liar and “Not the better parent,” at this time.

this has happened on 3 other occasions (although we have had many more than 3 custody battles..I am always selected as custodial parent, except for 3 times. most times he gets supervised visits because MOST judges see through his nonsense–not THIS time) and the simple truth is that my ex-husband is doing this for 2 reasons: to get out of paying me child support and to make me suffer or to destroy me. I need prayer that the truth be revealed and the deception he has perpetrated in the Court be brought to light. I need prayer that the Lord touch upon the hearts and minds of the powers that be in the Court I am facing, which would be the Judge and the Law Guardian,. I am Sober and am the better parent both by competence and by my incentive, which is solely to help my Child achieve his potential (he is a special needs child) and that his road to becoming a productive member of Society not be interrupted by him having to start over as far as schools, medications, etc…

this child is extremely emotionally disturbed, I believe by being kept from me during the 3 periods of his life spent with his Father (age 1-3, age 5 and now) and needs proper medication (and the changing and trying of different medications, if necessary) until he is reachable through therapy.

in 5 short months, my ex-husband has agreed to simply put my Child away in some residential facility, has allowed his medication to be raised, a medication which we have already had an unsuccessful trial with and which had adverse effects on my Son.

he is not aware of all we have already been through, since he did not visit or bother with the Children for over 6 years. My Son stands to thus be harmed by this ignorance of the facts and history in his treatment and I have been blotted out of his life an there is an order of protection in the way.

A completely unnecessary order which only stands to harm my Son if left in place. I have possessed multiple orders of protection against this man and I chose not to always violate him, or would still have one; I just wanted to live my life and raise my kids without all that stress of the courts and the police. He seemed as if he was leaving us alone, finally. I did try multiple times to have him at least show interest in my Children, for they felt unwanted. he did not want to bother.. The last order of protection against him was in place for over 5 years.

As soon as it was over, he pounced again in court and will not comply with the order of visitation and I have not seen my Son in over 5 months, now. the one truth about me he uses (used) was that I have a drug history.

He has a drug and alcohol and convictions for both (5 DWIs and a drug conviction) as well as extreme violence and multiple multi state convictions ( I am not the only person who has had him arrested for violence) for that. He still is not sober. These things need to come into the light.

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  1. Praying for you

    I am sorry to hear about this. I am praying for you and your son. God is Good and he protects. He will help you and your son. I wish there was a way to fix this for you, but sometimes God is the only one. I too, am in a tough situation involving my daughter and a court system that seems to ignore the rights of women and children. I pray that God brings justice for mothers everywhere, and protects our innocent children.

  2. comment

    please pray that the truth will be unveiled whether my husband is involved with another woman or is genuinely 100% doing business

  3. God's got you!

    I will pray for your situation. ‘Bondage Breakers’ was a study I read a few months ago. It gave incite to ‘deceptive spirits’ suggesting that you pray to 1. weaken and confuse them 2. cut off any assistance and communication lines they may have 3. reveal the truth to the person …and there was one more thing, but I lent the book out?? You pray that daily. And then consider Mathew 18:18-20 &Grab a few believers and bind any influence over the situation but that of God …but trust your Father, Grab your Bible and find scripture to proclaim the promises that cover you and speak them out loud as often as possible…for example :we should ask and Boldly approach the throne of grace in our time of trouble..He works all things to the Good of those who love Him, With Christ we are more than Conquers, The devil is a defeated disarmed Foe who has no place nor right in your life… You must believe the promises are your right as a child of God, and the power of the Word and words(God spoke everything into exsistance and Jesus was the Word). We have resurrection power inside of us as believers in the Holy Spirit. Nothing is impossible for us …so long as it is in line with God’s will. Every Word of the Bible is truth, you may go through poop, but stay looking up and don’t believe the devils lies all around you…because YOU WILL Prevail if you stay in faith. Check your ‘armor’ (Ephesians 6) Read your Bible, maybe Psalms for a quick reminder of God’s help, “he did it for them He will do it again.” ask for Faith, what your heart believes is what is available to you…and the Bible was given to us so we could receive what He has freely given. Honestly, do not completely concentrate on what the problem and solution may be, you could be closing doors like that…but if you seek His face you will find Him trustworthy in his ways…He won a war with torches jars and a horn…imagine if Gidion was only open to worldly war tactics. He could use the lies somehow…I am just saying I am learning my fear anxiety and solution seeking are destructive. I may have to throw my phone and keys off the dock to do it, but it is when I stop and get in the word worshiping and praying that mountains are moved.

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