Prayer That True Love be Restored

by Col (Purdue)

Dear Lord,

Please bring back the love of my life. I know you have always meant for us to grow to be more than just boyfriend and girlfriend. I felt your presence telling me not to give up when things first got rough for us.

I failed to learn humility and forgiveness when you gave me the chance and I know you have separated us so that I could finally learn my lesson and be the man she needs me to be. We’ve grown up so much together Lord and I know there is much more that we can bring to the world when we’re together.

Please help her to know how much she means to me and help her remember that I will not give up on us. I want to be that loving husband you are grooming me to be for her. Lord please help us get back together when the time is right and please give me the courage to continue on until that time.